Ways One Can Treat Hemorrhoids With Home Remedies.

There are several symptoms that will tell you that you may have hemorrhoids. One of the major ones is rectal bleeding. Hemorrhoids are painful, itchy and yes, very uncomfortable. Having hemorrhoids is not a death sentence even if it may seem like it at that time. There are tons of ways one can treat hemorrhoids. A doctor can easily tell by looking if one has hemorrhoids especially if they are external, but he or she can also insist on using a proctoscope to see how extensive the hemorrhoids are in your rectum. Well, there are a number of home remedies that have been known to be pretty effective and have worked for many. Visit Rectal bleeding to learn more about Hemorrhoids. Here are some ways one can treat hemorrhoids with home remedies.
Using topical treatments can go a long way. You can get the over the counter creams that contain witch hazel or lidocaine, or hydrocortisone or even a suppository. These are very effective in bringing the itching and swelling down. Note that it is not advisable to use the creams for more than a week as they bring about thinning of the skin in that area.
Adding high fiber in your diet will also help a lot. We are talking about things like whole grains, fruits and lots of vegetables here. Eating these will help increase the bulk of your stool while still softening it. What this does is to help you avoid straining when you go because straining only makes the hemorrhoids worse. High fiber foods also bring about problems with gas so introduce these slowly in your diet.
Applying ice packs is yet another way to go with hemorrhoids. Using ice will bring down the swelling and the hemorrhoids will slowly go away. For more info on Hemorrhoids, click https://healyourhemorrhoids.com/articles/how-long-do-hemorrhoids-last/. If you use ice packs coupled with the normal pain killer like ibuprofen or aspirin, you will get over hemorrhoids in no time.
Another way one can treat hemorrhoids is by soaking your anal area in warm water. The swelling, irritation and pain usually go away if one soaks the anus in warm water every two to three times in the day for about 15 minutes. Showering or bathing daily is necessary and then one has to gently pat the area to dryness.
Using dry toilet paper, or alcohol-based or perfumed wipes will make the situation worse. Use moist towelettes after a bowel movement and keep the anal area as clean as you can all through. Learn more from https://www.dictionary.com/browse/hemorrhoids?s=t.